Wholesale French Baguette in Chicago, IL

Maison Parisienne is an artisanal French Café and Boulangerie in Chicago, IL. Not only are we known for our authentic French food and gourmet pastries, we have also been rated as having the best French baguette in all of Chicago. We serve both retail and wholesale customers.

What is a French Baguette Bread?


Distinguished by its length and crisp crust, a baguette is one of the true icons of the French bakery culture. Traditionally, it is a long, golden-brown bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough. The end result is a delightful food perfect for sandwiches, dipping, salads, and more.

Trivia question: What is the end piece of the French baguette called? (Find the answer at the end of this page)

Classic French Baguette by Maison Parisienne


Our Classic French Baguette has been ranked as one of the best baguette in Chicago. Using ingredients imported from France, our baguettes are made from scratch every day by our bakery chefs.


Each one is around 1,5-2-inch diameter, 12-inch-long with a crispy crust and soft center. There are no preservatives, and only totally natural ingredients are used.

As per the traditional French Baguette recipe, Maison Parisienne makes its award-winning crusty baguette using wheat flour imported from France, water, salt, and yeast,cooked until it becomes the perfect golden-brown color. All of this culminates into a soul-warming and delectable bread.

Our wholesale bread customers includes:

  • Sandwich shops

  • Restaurants

  • Café

  • Catering companies

  • Hotel


We offer different wholesale baguette options:

  • Half Baked baguette

  • Mini french baguettes

  • 12 inch baguette  

How to eat Baguette?

In France, baguettes are a perfect food to be enjoyed at any time of day. At Maison Parisienne, we enjoy our baguette with butter and jam during breakfast, or as a butter and jambon sandwich during lunch. Our menu offers a variety of baguette sandwiches, including our Le Thon Mayo with Tuna, our Le Parisienne with Ham and Cheese, and our Le Dagobert with ham and egg (vegetarian options are available).
Baguette Tips

Tip 1: Your baguette may lose its freshness after 24 hours, but you can still enjoy your baguette
by holding it under drinkable water for 1 second and then putting it in a 200F oven for 5-6

Tip 2: After 24 hours, you can still enjoy your baguette by cutting it into thin slices to make small
tartine bases or as croutons in your soup or salad. 

Buy Wholesale French Baguette in Chicago


For your bulk French baguette orders of 10 or more, call Maison Parisienne at (773) 857-1636 at least 24h prior to your pickup time. (IMPORTANT: Please note that any orders forTuesdays need to be placed 48 hours before the pickup time). All orders need to be confirmed by Maison Parisienne by email: order@maison-parisienne.com.​

Answer to the Trivia Question: The end piece of the French baguette is called le quignon.

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