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Wholesale Quiche in Chicago

Quiche On Glass Platter

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Quiche Flavors:


  • Tomato & Goat Cheese

  • Broccoli & Feta

  • Quiche Lorraine

There are many different styles and flavors of quiche, so choosing the best in Chicago may seem like a bit of a challenge. But knowing a bit more about the dish and just what makes it so delightful will have you seeking out the perfect quiche restaurant or quiche bakery in no time.

What is a Quiche?

A quiche is a type of baked tart. A quiche bakery or quiche restaurant can add nearly anything to their recipe in order to create their own unique flavors. Chefs might choose to stick to a familiar, favored flavor variety, perfecting the recipe, or may want to experiment with new ingredients. However, regardless of their preference, all chefs use a similar formula—a crust, similar to a pie crust, filled with custard and a variety of cheeses, meats, or vegetables. Maison Parisienne creates handmade quiche in Chicago in their Lakeview shop, using butter imported from France and other fresh, high quality ingredients.

Where is Quiche Originally From?

There are many different varieties of the dish around the world, with Italians and English people beginning to use custard in savory cooking in the 13th and 14th centuries. However, the recipe as we know it is generally considered to have originated in France. The first use of the word, which is thought to have been derived from a German word meaning "tart," was recorded in 1805. After that, the popularity of the dish grew, with quiche restaurants popping up around Europe, North America, and eventually, around the globe.


Chefs often work to perfect their personal recipes, carrying those recipes to cities around the United States. Maison Parisienne makes highly rated quiche in Chicago and it is one of the best spots to buy fresh or frozen quiche, have gourmet quiche delivered, or purchase wholesale quiche to use in your own shop.

How is Quiche made?

Chefs start their recipes with a pastry crust. This crust can be light, for smaller dishes, or taller and heavier in order to hold a recipe that uses more ingredients. Usually, the crust is blind baked first. A savory custard, which is made of eggs and either cream or milk, is then poured into the crust. This custard can be mixed with nearly anything to create a variety of flavors. Different vegetables, cheeses, and meats are popular choices, but some quiche restaurants may even add seafood into their custard mix. The entire tart is then baked so that the custard becomes firm and the crust is flaky and tender.

Maison Parisienne Quiche Varieties

At our Lakeview and Lincoln Park locations, we serve three different types of the recipe. The first is quiche Lorraine, which is a traditional dish made with pancetta and parmesan cheese. Others flavors that we have available are Broccoli & Feta and Tomato & Goat Cheese. If you're looking to buy fresh quiche for lunch or dinner, consider trying one of these scrumptious options.

Quiche Bakery & Restaurant

Maison Parisienne makes buying quiche in Chicago simple. If you would like to buy fresh quiche, we serve it at our Lakeview and Lincoln Park locations. You can easily order online at or pick up your items in-store. You can also buy frozen quiche, either for a later meal or perhaps to bring to a party or get-together.

If you're looking to buy frozen quiche for later, fresh quiche for a tasty lunch, wholesale quiche for your business, or simply want to taste the most delicious quiche in Chicago, Maison Parisienne is the place for you. Maison Parisienne offers a French style version of the recipe. Each whole tart is 12 inches, cut into six slices, and it can serve six people.

Gourmet Quiche Delivery

In addition to picking up your meal from our quiche bakery, it is also very simply to have gourmet quiche delivered right to your door. Simply use Grubhub, UberEats, or Postmates to order online. Whether you want to buy fresh quiche or buy frozen quiche, our quiche bakery will carefully prepare your order so that you can have a delicious meal delivered whenever you like.

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